I believe that climate change plays a critical role in our future. We need to be both good stewards of this earth and safeguard it for future generations while also seeing it as a needed tool in our district’s development and resiliency. 

Therefore, Lilian will:

  • Advocate for district dollars that will allow our district to shift from a dependence on fossil fuels to building the resources we need to adapt to climate change in the present. It should not just be wealthy communities that get to be ready for the change.
  • Support and lead on solutions to heat island effects and urban flooding that can contribute to increasing energy costs and heat-related deaths and illnesses. Lilian will also push for funding to prevent basement backup, seepage, and backyard flooding.
  • Support the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act to deliver cleaner air and economic equity across Illinois, particularly for people of color, communities facing the transition from fossil fuels, and other disadvantaged communities.