We are all connected. Having healthy and safe communities means ensuring everyone has access to economic opportunity, education, and equitable neighborhood investments that we all need to thrive.

"The 4th district is a community filled with a richness of experiences and resilience. My experiences as a mother, student of public schools, direct service worker, lawyer and labor advocate show me that we can combat disinvestment in our district if we lift up our community by fighting for the economic opportunities and investments we all need to thrive."

Policy Pillars

The Pillars are anchors that dictate what we need to center in our district’s growth to not only make sure we are ensuring our futures but making sure it happens in a way that means we are lifting up the voices and experiences of those shut out of policies of the past. Any policy proposal Lilian proposes will make sure that the following principles are met:

  1. Equitable & Sustainable Development: Bringing people-centered investments, and accountability to the district, ensuring that development benefits low-income families; seniors and long-time residents.
  2. Social Justice: Using a racial equity lens to understand policies and legislative proposals. Asking who benefits and who is burdened?
  3. Breaking Down Barriers to Access:  Ensuring social services, resources, education, and entrepreneurial supports allow our community to advance with dignity and self-determination.


Policy Priorities

Public Safety


Affordable Housing

Climate Justice

Healthcare for All

Worker Rights