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“As your State Representative, I have championed legislation promoting healthcare for all, enhancing housing affordability and uplifting working-class families”

Lilian Jiménez was first elected as the State Representative of the 4th District in November 2022. The 4th district is made up of diverse communities from West Town, Humboldt Park, Ukrainian Village to parts of Hermosa, and Belmont Cragin. As a daughter of immigrant parents, Rep. Jimenez has devoted her first term fighting for workers rights, healthcare for all, affordable housing and immigrant rights across the state of Illinois. In just over one year's time, Rep Jimenez has worked with a coalition of worker organizations and advocates to file the landmark Work Without Fear Act, she is also a co-sponsor for the Dignity in Pay Act, and the Equal Pay provisions of the Day and Temporary Labor Services Act.

Lilian started her career organizing families for better wages, educational opportunities and citizenship rights in West Town and Humboldt Park through her work at Erie Neighborhood House, Association House of Chicago and Workers United, an SEIU affiliate.

She is an attorney, organizer and social justice advocate with over two decades of advocacy experience in immigration, labor, criminal justice and civil rights matters. Rep. Jiménez currently runs a grassroots campaign that reinforces her anti-corruption ideals by refusing to accept corporate contributions. Through this advocacy and action, Rep. Lilian Jiménez has demonstrated her dedication to her community, as well as her refusal to take part in corporate greed.

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My Why

Jesse Mumm & son Oisín Yanel Mumm Jiménez

"Lili forever astounds me. I was enamored of her when we met 24 years ago, and I am now still. In those years she became a leader in protecting youth from violence, strengthening our unions, demanding equity in health care, fighting employers to get fair pay for workers, defending immigrants, and now helping bring millions of dollars for housing and human services to the people of Illinois who need them most.

She has a warm heart, she listens, but then she takes ACTION, and her kindness is only matched by her will to get things DONE. If I was not in love with her, and married to her, I still could not imagine anyone whose life story, and whose actions in the real world, demonstrate more that she will fight for the people of our neighborhoods. She is the leader we deserve." - Jesse

"¡Yo amo mucho a Papá, pero amo más a Mamá [I love Papa a lot, but I love Mama more]!" - Oisín 

Learn More About Lilian Jimenez, Candidate for 4th District State Rep #AllinWithLilian
Learn More About Lilian Jimenez, Candidate for 4th District State Rep #AllinWithLilian