We all have the right to continue to live and thrive in the 4th district. But every day we see skyrocketing housing prices and displacement threatening the fabric of our community and changing the face of our neighborhoods. We need solutions to displacement that preserve affordability right now and create affordable housing opportunities for the generations to come, so that all those who love their communities can continue to call this district home.

Therefore, Lilian will:

  • Shift the property tax burden away from working families, seniors and long-time residents.
  • Strengthen cultural heritage districts like Puerto Rico Town by providing property tax relief to long-time residents.
  • Protect naturally occurring affordable housing that exists in our communities such as two-flats and small apartment buildings.
  • Invest in cooperative models of housing that address different stages in the life course.
  • Support rent control for all Illinoisans to help stop the displacement of our neighbors.